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Setting up a new machine

Some things I like to do when setting up a new Linux machine.

Map Caps Lock to Ctrl and vice versa

# On Debian
vim /etc/default/keyboard
# Change the line that reads `XKBOPTIONS=""` to `XKBOPTIONS="ctrl:swapcaps"`
sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh console-setup

Install dotfiles

Pull up my dotfiles and run the install script.

Install programs

  • Programming environments: Python (Latest), Rust, Haskell, Java
  • Text editors: Vim/Neovim, VSCodium
  • IDEs: Pycharm, IntellijIDEA, Android Studio
  • Web browsers: Firefox Developer Edition, Brave, Chromium, qutebrowser, w3m, lynx
  • Terminal emulators: Alacritty, st
  • Window managers: dwm
  • Miscellaneous: zsh/oh-my-zsh, nĀ³, mutt, Irssi, dmenu, nitrogen, fzf
  • Fonts: Mononoki Nerd Font, Source Code Pro, Fira Code
  • Themes: Dracula
  • Enable Italics in Vim and tmux (add terminfo if needed).
  • Configure Mutt/NeoMutt.
  • Enable "Single click to open files" in the default graphical file manager.